Interesting Japanese Style Bed Frames

Different from west style, Japanese bed is composed to create such an enjoyable sleep for anyone. Talking about Japanese bed must discuss Japanese bed frames, too. Japanese style bed frames now being searched by people who are aware of room harmony. Well, Japanese frames are not same from others because they have such a Feng Shui concept to create not only harmony to the room but also the happiness and calm feeling to the users. Japanese frames are made perfectly in a special design to make people feel comfortable with using them.

Modern White Japanese Style Bed Frames In A Beautiful Design

Japanese style bed frames have to be popular among people because they have many benefits to them. The first advantage of Japanese bed frames is they are able to maximize the space of the room area so that you will not be worried about having small room space anymore once you have had Japanese bed frames. Japanese bed frames offer such a useful storage solution to save or store your important items which you need most often.

Large Brown And White Japanese Style Bed Frames With Lighting

Types of Japanese bed frames

There are many Japanese style bed frames which people like and here are several Japanese bed frame’s types that may be best for anyone.

  1. Shiki futon. This bed frame is totally best because it is strong and can hold such a large Western mattress. There are two types of Shiki futon. They can be traditional Kasuri Black which is made of dark brown wooden option and Seikai Ha Red that is made of reddish wood material.
  2. Kakebuton. Kakebuton is good for you who suffers from allergy because this type of bed frame might be able to absorb the moist. If you sleep with the comforter, Kakebuton might be best Japanese bed frame selection for you.
  3. Tatami mats. In the past era, Japanese people used Tatami mats as a cover to sleep. Yet, nowadays, in this recent time, people use Tatami mats as bed frames where you will put your mattress there.

Materials to make Japanese bed frames

Japanese style bed frames are made of different materials which might or might not be suitable for you. Here are the materials of Japanese bed frames.

  1. Wood. Wood has been the very common material to create many kinds of furniture including the bed frames. Japanese bed frames might be made of different wood kinds like solid, oak, maple, etc. Every wood has its own charm but solid wood must be the best option for you who want your bed frames last long because this wood material is pretty strong and sturdy.
  2. Bamboo. Well, bamboo becomes another material besides wood which is natural so that it is safe and good for people who have the allergy. Bamboo might be as strong as wood. Moreover, it has a cool design which may match your taste.
  3. Particle board. If you have a limited budget, particle board would be the best way for you because it is way cheaper than bamboo or wooden material. However, this non-synthetic may damage easily once you are careless of using it.

In the end, to buy Japanese style bed frames, you might not go directly to Japan because they are available in a local or online shop.

Comfortable White Wooden Japanese Style Bed Frames

Traditional Brown Wooden Japanese Style Bed Frames In A Low Position

Marvelous Brown Wooden Japanese Style Bed Frames With White Bed

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Modern White Japanese Style Bed Frames In A Beautiful DesignLarge Brown And White Japanese Style Bed Frames With LightingComfortable White Wooden Japanese Style Bed FramesTraditional Brown Wooden Japanese Style Bed Frames In A Low PositionMarvelous Brown Wooden Japanese Style Bed Frames With White BedWonderful White Japanese Style Bed Frames

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