Tabletop Fire Bowl

Tabletop Fire Bowl is a medium bowl that has a function to keep a fuel source that will output a small flame or light. It is consists of a medium bowl, stone and the gel fuel. The bowl can be made from stone, glass, pottery and synthetic materials. So, the tabletop fire bowl become portable easily. People just need three fuel sources, such as: a gel fuel, ethanol fuel, and a small liquid propane to make it works. A gel fuel is different from the others. It is because the gel fuel does not burn and it is not hot. While, ethanol fuel is pure natural alcohol. The fire bowl is very safety for human being. The flame of fire bowl is really warm and safe. The light also bright, it is enough to make the bowl likes a camp fire. Many people choose it for gathering in the garder with their family when the sun goes down. To make a camp fire needs many materials, but now we can get a small thing with a big advantage.

Unique Black Tabletop Fire Bowl With Glass

Tabletop Fire Bowl is a functional fire bowl that can be used by people easily. It is easy to be used, because we can put it in a table. The medium size of the bowl makes people easy to move it anywhere. Moreover, there are many different forms of tabletop fire bowl, they are modern fire bowl and simple fire bowl. The modern ones is made from a glass or synthetic materials. It looks more modern and classy. While, the simple fire bowl is made from a big stone. Exactly, it is made from a particular stone. The stone is stronger than a glass or the synthetic materials. Therefore, the price of the simple is higher or more expensive from the modern form. It is because a strong stone is difficult to be found.

Interesting Blue Round Tabletop Fire Bowl In Small

Tabletop Fire Bowl is a kind of small camp fire that can be moved easily. It is a portable camp fire that can be moved anytime. To make the tabletop fire bowl works we do not need a firewood. We just need a particular stone to burn it up. The flame of the fire bowl is not a big enough but the light is warm enough. Compared with a camp fire, this fire bowl is very safety. So, it can be used around the yard or garden in our house. Usually, the fire bowl is used by some families to gather in the garden or backyard with their friends and neighbors. It will make the atmosphere around the garden become light and warm. Besides, the fire bowl can keep us from mosquitoes. That is way the tabletop fire bowl is suitable for garden party at night. Not only make you feel comfortable and safe,but also you can enjoy the beauty of the design of the fire bowl. People will get two advantages, they are the beauty and the safety from the fire bowl. It is better to use it than use a firewood.

Wonderful Wilver Tabletop Fire Bowl From Metal

Cozy Silver Tabletop Fire Bowl In A Good Design

Wonderful Round Brown Tabletop Fire Bowl

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Unique Black Tabletop Fire Bowl With GlassInteresting Blue Round Tabletop Fire Bowl In SmallWonderful Wilver Tabletop Fire Bowl From MetalCozy Silver Tabletop Fire Bowl In A Good DesignWonderful Round Brown Tabletop Fire Bowl

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